Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hopplatofflan with crew!

We wish all who have followed our blog this year a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you next summer!

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Winter Ready

Now Hopplatofflan winter ready. She was lifted up out of the lake about a week ago. The engine has been preserved and everything has been taken home that can be damaged by that was left in the boat during the winter. It takes some time to go through the checklist for winter hibernation. All taps and valves to be opened, tanks and water heater must be drained, the boat should be dried out thoroughly.

Today was so pressing on. The ultimate winter blanket. Now just to wait for these annoying four months before we know that spring is coming.

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21 september, Ishöj – Limhamnsvägen

Heavy rain clouds hung over the sky in the early morning. Just in time we woke up so they burst and released their precipitation over the harbor. It looked to be a lasting and wet hemsegling. After breakfast, we picked up “the heavy sjöstället” and went out on the Sound, or Kögebukten, again. Thankfully the rain eased after a few miles and just south of Amager so also came the wind so we could hoist the sails. We made six knots through the water, but only four of the bottom so the power set against the two knots. Or rather put in hand so we pushed south over the entire time.

DSC_0659 DSC_0664

When we finally came to the Öresund bridge so went current so strong there that we had to start the engine to get through.

This was probably the final sailing when there are no “weekends off” the near future. The idea has attracted us to have Hopplatofflan in the lake over the winter, but we feel there are some things we need to look at the boat in the winter so it would tend to her go up on dry land in a few weeks.

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20 september, Limhamnsvägen – Ishöj

We were hoping for good weather for the weekend , but that did not. When we still had moved into the boat on Friday evening so we decided to head off to Ishøj, although visibility was greatly reduced, repairs, and the wind was conspicuous by its absence. The weather forecast said that the haze / fog would ease during the morning. Visibility was still a couple of miles so it was not like sailing in porridge.

When Limhamnsvägen well disappeared in the mist, we realized that maybe it was not such a bad idea to turn it on “AIS-radarn”. Especially when we would cross Flintrännan and Drogdenrännan. As usual, it will not work once you need it. Probably it was an update on the computer that made the AIS signals are not getting through. After installing the driver for the USB connection so everything worked as it was supposed, but by then we had already managed to pass Flintrännan.

Our trip south of Amager so beats a little curious and tired bird's companion. It is a Goldcrest (latin: Regulus regulus). The lands several times on the boat and is almost there and eat out of the hand of Ebba. At one point, held it to fly into the boat but after a confused journey during spray hood so found it out again.

DSC_0635 DSC_0638

As we approach Ishøj in the haze so you have to wonder, as usual, they have placed the bottom-nets. Do we have to stick to the marked entrance of or we can cut corners a little. We took the safe way and kept us on the edge of the area for gill.

Once in Ishøj we find a place that suits us, without the need to pull on the gas, right so far in the “middle basin”. Moored and safely in port so it's time with a walk over to the art gallery Arken. They currently have a small “exhibition” where children are allowed to create their own artwork. They may subscribe, Paste, draw on the walls and floors completely uninhibited.

DSC_0644 DSC_0649

When we come back to Hopplatofflan crack haze up and it becomes a really nice evening.

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15 August, Badtur with associated sailing

In the afternoon we went out despite the thunder clouds drew up both north and south of us. After a few minutes the engine once we cast anchor off Sibbarb. It is the first time we docked with the new, a little longer, kättingen. Now we have 50 multiplaitlina meter plus 6 m chain. It gets a little harder to pull up but it is important to be able to trust that the anchor holds.

Bath was. It is still 22 degrees in the water as a swim I had time. I also got the mask and snorkel to check the bottom and propeller looks. Hopplatofflan've been in the late 25 March and she has just been given a coat of bottom paint except on the rudder and keel where it actually became two deletions. There was hint of barnacles in the forecastle on the port side. Otherwise, it looked good with only a thin layer of green slime at the helm. The propeller was completely free wife tulips and plants so next year it will get the same treatment – polishing and rubbed into the waterproof grease.

After the bath would Axel's kompis, who were on a sailboat for the first time, we would set sail. So we put the mainsail and rounded a lighthouse at Flintrännan. There was good wind, 8-12 m / s and we had slörsegling both in and out when the current set south over with a button knot.

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11 August, Dragör – Limhamnsvägen

It has blown dramatically during the night and this morning, we are at a crossroads. We still have a few vacation days left, but a number of low pressure is moving over us. We could go south over to Køge, Rödvig, Faxe Ladeplads or Prästö but you risk being blown with everything that entails, at the end of the holiday and just when schools starlings.

Therefore, it was not that difficult to make the decision to sail home to home port and end this sailing holiday a few days early.

DSC_0620 DSC_0621

When we walked out of Dragör, clock 07.00, it blew 7-8 m / s southwest but when we had the lee of the land anymore so low wind around 10-13 m/s. With only the genoa out so it was a lovely wattle to Limhamnsvägen. We usually low around 7-8 button. South of the Öresund Bridge was the lake a little choppy and the boat rolled back and forth. Pass under the bridge lake calmed down and we were able to dock at Limhamnsvägen twenty past eight in the morning hours.

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10 August, Råå – Dragör

The weather had calmed down a bit today and we came away before nine. It was motoring up to the vein and then a stretch sailing until Skovshoved broken only by a few tacks to fend for themselves for a large tanker and two giant bulk carriers. The wind freshened and turned against so we started the engine to take us down through Kongedybet to Dragör. Heading into the Dragör began the waves get a little awkward and flushed over a couple of times. For example, just when Åse would hang out fenders.
In the evening refreshes it in even more, and it warned of gale in the Sound. We are located in all cases safely moored for the night. Then we'll see what tomorrow bring to the väderväg.

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9 August, Råå

Birthday, full signal set, SM Starboat and Ven stood around on today's menu. We remain in the free port Råå, entire signal instead is hoisted and we sing the birthday song for Ebba on small hours. As a beast, she opens the packages.

As we sit in the cockpit and eat birthday breakfast, rolls with orange marmalade, we realize that there apparently is no racing going on here in Råå today. It turns out that there are actually two, SM Starboat (these beautiful boats) and Ven around. First starts to Ven around and then it's Star Boat tour: It blows fresh and it feels like Starboat sailors have a lot to be. A wretch succeed sail straight into the pier when they would get into port.

Now it seems to be a period of unsteady days. Estate prices fall and we'll see where we go hereafter. Even though it's hot, it feels almost as if the fall started preparing its entrance. Just hope it's temporary.

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8 August, Höganäs – Råå

We left Höganäs with sights set on Råå. Just outside Höganäs harbor we hoisted our sails and sail could stretch out to deeper water and then drops down towards Helsingborg. Until Domsten went well, but then took the wind out. The mate Herring ran the helm while we threw in a long line behind the boat and took the opportunity to bath on the way down through the Strait.

From Domsten Raa, we angjorde runt half past eleven, became the motoring. We found a good spot at the south pier with beach right outside.

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7 August, Gilleleje – Höganäs

We should really have taken us to Halland Väderö but then promised mostly southerly winds the next few days, which is not the best when the wind will be at Chapel Harbor, so we chose to jump a little Sound. We walked across to the Höganäs. But first….we would get out of the cramped boat area Gilleleje. It went well and we set sail just outside the harbor. Light breeze from north, which grew on the way over, meant that we picked up speed from initially 2 knob till 6,5 knots as we approached the harbor in Höganäs. On the way over our course crossed by a number of large commercial.

Once we found a place, after first having tried one that was too narrow, some distance into the harbor very near the swimming area. After a small tour “on the town”, with the obligatory ice cream port, we tested swimming opportunities here in Höganäs. The rating of the children are approved with praise.

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