Sheeting press passed both Simone and Sven

Now begins 2013 to End. Today is Christmas Eve and the little Hopplatofflan is safe during its coverage. It's not easy to find location indoors so we have decided to have Hopplatofflan out there but that we should get a good coverage to her. It protects after all the boat a lot during the winter lineup.

We also took the opportunity to get a new hefty båtvagga but this year we did not have the opportunity to gain a better coverage. So we had to content ourselves with a lightweight tarp.

IMG_ 017

Despite the storms Simone and Sven pulled over Skåne this autumn so have yet tarpaulin fared quite well. Båtvaggan have passed wind good. Unfortunately, it was a lot of boats whose cradles buckled or whose struts parted during storms, so the occasional overturned boat, it has been.

IMG_ 019

For next fall, we will fix this kind båttäckning which seems to be very popular and that seems to withstand the storms good.

Now it's not so far from launching, you just have to persevere in January, February and March. But before that, so want Hopplatofflan with crew wish all of you looking you here to our blog;

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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11 october, Up in the country

When the season was definitely out! Today we took up Hopplatofflan on land. We have a new rock when it was too much work to weld on our old rock from Shipman 28:an Taramontana.

Despite all the barnacles that were on the propeller so it turned to the rest of the boat had coped really well. There was little in the- and the top edge of the rudder, but otherwise it was completely clean of these small crustaceans.

Now we only have to empty out the last, cleaning out the boat, preserve the engine and get on pressing. Then get Hopplatofflan go into hibernation until spring.

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22 september, Norreborg – Limhamnsvägen

Today was a little more boring weather when we were sailing home from Ven to Limhamnsvägen. It began to blow 5-6 m / s and then increased to 10-11 m / s when we approached Limhamnsvägen.

We held 6 – 8 knot and it was a good sailing to finish the season with. Once in port, so we started a little mournfully picking up our things, empty boat and pick the sails.

In a week she stands on land.

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21 september, Norreborg

It starts with a great morning, no wind and the sun shining from a clear sky. After breakfast we rent bikes and cycle around Ven to explore the island. After lunch, the sun in the clouds and it gets a little cooler, but it was still an amazing bike ride. Axel rode on a very own bike and the little legs got really struggle to get around the small hilly gravel roads

DSC_0063 DSC_0064

When we come back to Hopplatofflan in the afternoon so it says a bunch of alpacas on the lawn in front of the boat Especially Ebba seems to be very interested in them.

DSC_0068 DSC_0070

In the evening there will also be time for a little closure crab fishery.

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20 september, Limhamnsvägen – Norreborg

This is probably the last weekend that we are going out and sailing in years. It starts to get time to prepare Hopplatofflan for their hibernation.

Ten of the two, we came away with the course set against Ven. Then it almost was not any wind so we had to use iron genoa. Half six we lay moored in Norreborg. It was not easy to find a good place although there were plenty of empty seats in the harbor. Most were low in the narrowest team but after pressing a little on the gas so “popped” we enter the site.

After supper we took the opportunity to take a little walk before the sun went completely down. When we were going into the North's harbor so low that a seal on a rock at the harbor entrance. It was still on its way as we now have two hours later walked past the.

Before going to bed, we can confirm that we are the only Swedish guest boat in the North's harbor, all others are from Denmark.

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14 september, Dragör – Limhamnsvägen

When we wake up is the dew all over the boat and it feels a little raw inside the boat. The heater may make a small inserted before the sun begins to warm thoroughly.

After breakfast Vil Ebba feed the ducks. She scouts long and try to attract them with quack sound and breadcrumbs. Till last Dyker the upp.

IMG_2417 IMG_2418

After that, it becomes even a trip to the beach and a small geocachjakt. Then we need the top of the village and visit the glass shop. Satisfied sitting All monkey's quayside in Dragor old port and eating ice cream. The sun is shining and there has not yet begun to blow.

After lunch it starts blowing a little bit and we head back towards Limhamnsvägen. With the sails set, we do 6-7 button. Before we go into the harbor we throw anchor outside Sibbarb and the opportunity to swim again.

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13 september, Limhamnsvägen – Dragör

It was promised nice weather today, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the weather would be worse. After work and school so we went all down to Hopplatofflan and cast off and set out with the course set against Dragor, Denmark. There was almost no wind, the sun was shining and the sea was shiny.

Iron genoa had to take us to our neighbor to the west. Hopplatofflan making good speed, suggesting that the propeller still has not become overgrown with barnacles.

Both at Flintrännan and Drogdenrännan got parry merchant when we would cross. It's obvious that you're back in the Sound. When we arrive at Dragör we choose the “new” port. It's a bit quieter there, closer to the bathing and toilet and shower tend to be in better “Condition”. As we enter so goes another HR 34 out and we are taking the place as it was on.

Ebba would strongly swim so when Åse and Ebba goes to the beach I arrange supper.

After supper we take a quiet evening in the boat. It's really nice to be able to take advantage of the season like this with small weekend races. Darkness falls quickly and you feel that there is a lot of moisture in the air. The heater may run a bit before we go to bed.

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25 August, Sound

Today was nice weather but a lot of wind from the east. We took the opportunity to take a tour after lunch. It was a short but fantastic sailing in 8-11 m / s with the sails fully extended. Again, there is no problem and the railing was not near the water.

Before we went into the harbor again so we took the opportunity to lay anchor outside Sibbarpsgränd and get a bath. It was not so hot in the water as it was perhaps the last seaside.

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23 August, Råå – Limhamnsvägen

Yes, it worked out! When we went out Råå so did Hopplatofflan its usual speed. Apparently it was the growth on the propeller that was reason why we did not come up in more than 3 knots yesterday when we went for the engine. Yes, and the reverse current course. Upstream we had today with but it started with a decent Ostanvind so it was a fantastic sailing on smooth water down past Ven. Just north of Barseback took the wind out so we went for the engine to Sjollen.

IMG_ 2416 IMG_ 2415

Then came the wind again and we could majestically dock Hopplatofflans new home port with all sails.

It was a real nice hemsegling from Varberg to Limhamnsvägen. Litter that we could sail much of the route. Nice to see so many porpoises. But now it's nice to have the boat back home.

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22 August, Halland Väderö – Råå

We woke up early today. After breakfast with the blackberries from the island so it was time to see if we could get away from our anchorage at the Cliffs. Echosounder shows 1,8 meters. Hopplatofflan sticking 1,85 empty tanks. Loaded stand she probably 1,90 meter. The whole night had the boat rocking comfortably and that's a good indication that it is not due.

It was no problem to get out. Slowly we hauled the stern anchor, picked it up and put in front of the engine. Slowly we chug out Santahamina. When we come out we draw on the gas and make Hopplatofflan 3 button….when she should be doing 5 button. Very puzzled, we try to add the slope to remove seaweed from the propeller but no change.

The wind comes and we set sail and head to the Hill – this världsändens “Cape Horn”. After a few tacks we can round hill and fall of the south in the Sound. The height of Höganäs, we put the gennaker for the first time. It is a wonderfully colorful gennaker in “Miami Vice colors” – a real 80's nostalgia.

DSC_009 DSC_011

A few miles north of Helsingborg wind dies completely, and we will bring down the gennaker and start the engine but the boat will still not play in more than 3 button. When we pass a landmark, I realize that it was a year ago I was sailing in the Sound last. That it can go a lot of power here is of course a matter of course for most sailing in the strait. This, I had completely forgotten…or repressed. It is safe 1-1,5 knots countercurrently. But we should still gone faster than 3 button. Nothing to be done now, we get tough on this momentum and hope there will be more wind.

Just before Helsingborg we are joined by a porpoise again. Three times bobbed up beside the boat to disappear again.

Finally we arrive at Råå. Jim takes on swimwear and masks to dive down and see if there is something wrong with the propeller. And that's it – all the propeller blades and large parts of the s-train are covered with large barnacles, even though it is painted with antifouling.

After several dives down under Hopplatofflan armed with a knife was the propeller clean again. Hope it was enough. We'll see if it works tomorrow. Then we will sail the last leg down to Limhamnsvägen.

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